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some stories...

Man, I wish I had just called in sick. We turned out to be not that busy but I still had to stick around. On the plus side, it seems the pushup contest has started anew. Cranked out 20 tonight...but one of my girls who had initially done 18 had to beat I had to go again and...did another 20. Gah.
And THEN we did The my arms are feeling a little rubbery.


Things Not to Say to Guests:

Story Number One

A lady bought a ticket and then started to put it in her purse.
"Oh," she said, laughing at herself. "I'm putting my ticket away! I'm so dumb!"
"That's okay," I said without thinking. "We see dumb guests ALL the time."

Story Number Two

A couple came up to the concession stand and bought a large popcorn and a large drink.
Price: $9.00
Large popcorn and TWO large drinks: $9.75

So of course I try to upsell them.

"For only 75 cents you can have another large drink," I tell our giggling couple.
They start talking, `do you want a drink?' `oh, I don't know, we can just share,' `are you sure you don't want a drink, I can get a drink,' `oh, I can just suck on yours,'... and on it goes

Trying to banter a bit (and hurry them up) I say, "Oh come on sir, are you really going to sit there and make her suck on your straw?"

As the phrase is leaving my mouth my brain tries to slam on the brakes...but it's like a is just exiting my mouth...the phrase is already committed and out. I do everything I can to stop it from escaping but no, it's out there. Whoooops!
They stare at me. I am horrified. I do not mean that how it sounded.

Fortunately they start to laugh..and they bought the second drink.

(I do not recommend this upselling technique to my team members.)

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