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But I don' WANNA!

I have passed a most pleasant morning and early afternoon here in my quiet abode working on the commerical and listening to Imagine Avenue Radio as well as the sessions of General Conference I missed. (like all of them!) Unfortunately it will shortly be coming to a close as I prepare to get ready to go back to the theater.

The commercial I'm working on involves a little character clinging to the back of a fiercely galloping horse. I've animated a horse before so it came together pretty quickly and it's nice to actually put a non ghost on his back. It's also a much more cartoony style than the first horse I animated at school so I can put in a lot of cheats because of the stylization. It's been fun. I want to work on him until the wee hours.

I want to avoid humanity. I want to stay in my little cave and draw and draw and draw. I want to finish this commercial, I want to build a model of El Perro out of Sculpy, I want to finish another sketchbook. The last thing I want to do is go into a crowded noisy theater, pop a lot of popcorn, stress about closing and cleaning up and doing counts and making sure everyone has their breaks and ...and...and...


I was tempted to call in sick but then listening to conference was making me feel quilty as I pondered the deceit. Sigh.

I'm a supervisor...but do I HAVE to be responsible?!

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