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Wonder of wonders...

Miracles of miracles!

I have had a TERRIFIC day!

And you all jolly well better comment on it! Share my happiness! WHEEEE!!!!

Okay so my first meeting cancelled on me this morning (something about his basement flooding,) so I can understand that, but everything else was just Bang, Crash, the Lightning Flashed GOOD.

I finished up a few more of my "Mormon cartoons," (okay, MUST get a better name,) and then went to lunch with Dierdre and Chris from my Tuesday night life drawing. (Arbys roast beef, minus the bun.) While there I doodled up another cartoon, inked it at the studio and then walzted on over to Sunstone's main office.

I waited alone in the front area for a bit...I don't think they heard me come in so I finally called out, "hellooo?" when a nice gentleman came out.
"Hello," he said, "Have you been helped?"
"Ummm," I said, quickly glancing at my notes. "I'm here to see either Dave or John."
Just then another man came bustling in and said, "Well, I'm Dave and this is John, so you get both of us."

I reminded them that I was the cartoonist that called last week and they got all excited, especially when they saw the folder under my arm.

"Well great!" one said, "We're always looking for cartoonists...lets see what all you've got."

By this point I was kicking myself for not bringing in MORE stuff. I had only brought 4 cartoons, but pulled them out. Before the first one hit the desk they were already laughing.

"I really like your style," said one. (sorry folks, can't remember which one was which,) "It's very clean."
(See! SOMETHING about me is clean!) They laughed at all of them and even brought their receptionist in who started laughing HARD at the sacrament meeting one.
"I recognize people in that crowd!" she kept saying.

"They're great." they said, "We'd like to buy all of them."

(inside Jeanette's head is a big brass band playing circus music culminating with the ever popular high pitchedWHEEEEEEEE!!!!!)

"It's a one time fee, so you can sell them other places or print them off we can't pay very much. Is $35.00 really insulting to you?"

"Not at all!" I said, trying not to grin like a fool. (ALL of them! That's $140 bucks! Must go through all old pieces of paper with church doodles on them...)

They wrote me a check...and THEN continued. "Of course, we pay more if you draw out our ideas. We have ideas for cartoons, we just can't draw!" And THEN they brough out a whole page of typed up jokes. We talked for about an hour going through them and bouncing ideas off each other. I got told the publication used to have lots and lots of cartoons but now it's just so hard to get good cartoons. I thought, "I am your new best friend!"

They mentioned a few illustrators that had done things for them and I figured, what the heck and told them I also did illustration.
And THEN they started telling me how all the fiction stories in the magazine they tried to have original art and would I be interested in doing THAT...(to which the answer is DUH!!!) so I am oh so excited. It was GREAT.
I got loaded up with a bunch of past Sunstone issues, and fairly skipped out the door. HOO YAH!!!

Went home for a bit, chatted with wyckhurst and went to SmartBomb for my Thursday night tutorial.

Tonight I learned about modeling. I came in with some El Perro sketches I knocked off and spent most of the evening learning how to sculpt him. Very VERY cool. Also talked to James, the newly appointed art lead and he wants to get in on the "train Jeanette act." I need more than 2 nights a week!!!

Monday: double shift
Tuesday: work, life drawing
Wednesday: day off, tutorial at the studio
Thursday: day off, tutorial at the studio
Friday: generally I work
Saturdays: studio is closed
Sundays: it's SUNDAY.

I told James I am more than willing to come aboard and help in any capacity I can NOW in terms of getting ready for the expo...from learning how to do texture maps (doesn't sound THAT difficult once it was explained to me how you do it,) to animation (again with the circus music.) James looked rather thoughtful and said he would see what he could do. So, a ver!

I also talked to Chuck, one of the head honchos (who has the power to offically hire me.) I noticed he had a G4 power book at his desk so I went up saying, "How nice to see a Macintosh here." To own a mac is like a religion and we are all brothers and sisters. I told him about my ibook woes and he offered me several programs which I am going to take him up on.

If tomorrow goes well in terms of getting some $$$ for those commercials I may cut my hours down to 3 days a week instead of 4 at the theater so I can really dive in at the studio. I am feeling so blessed, so optimistic and so HAPPY how things are coming out! It's not a matter of IF really at the studio but WHEN I'm going to start there. Feeling a bit giddy. (AND grateful!) (AND humble.)

Te agradezco senor.

In other news: Blind date last night. Nice guy but meh. No angelic choirs.

Spent the rest of the evening at the folks playing chickenfoot. Mom won the most games but since she took a serious bath in the 2nd round she lost overall.

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