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My gosh I LOVE this guy!

Evan Coyne Malone and Brain Terminal
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Evan Coyne Malone and <a href="" target="_new">Brain Terminal</a>< starting to get a little famous for some of his videos...but I particuarlly love this one... Here's his premise, and the link to the video...

<block><b>Some people would like you to think President Bush lied when he talked about Saddam Hussein's weapons. The funny thing is, many of the president's current critics are politicians who made strikingly similar claims about Iraq in the not-too-distant past. When Bill Clinton was in office, his fellow Democrats had much to say about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. But if you listen to them now, you might conclude that the entire party suffers from collective amnesia. Democrats used to talk tough about Iraq. They did when one of their own was in the White House. And they did when polls showed it was politically helpful to support President Bush. But now, it's campaign season, and they've changed their tune. To find out if the spin was sticking, I impersonated a game show host and quizzed a few protesters about some particularly hawkish quotes from notable Democrats.<b/></block>

<a href="Let the games begin..." target="_new"></a>

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