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Dear Lord, NO!!!!!!

So the good news:

Got my mac back today.
I got a new logic board (which they refused to do before)
They upgraded my OSX... now running version 10.3.2.... meaning hey, I can use ichat with my isight!

The bad news:





EVERYTHING!!!! They completely wiped the whole thing!!! I have nothing left! Buh bye a year and a half of journal! Good bye applications galore! Good bye Photoshop that ran on version X!!! All the stuff I have to reinstall, (all the stuff I OWN any way!!!) Holy crap, one of the reasons I BOUGHT this mac was because of the programs GALORE that were on it!!!

And HEY, let's not forget about ALL MY PICTURES!!! All my El Perro boards, All my SHOVELER BOARDS!!! MY VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO I HAD BEEN WORKING ON!!! IT'S ALL GONE!!!!

How does replacing a logic board wipe out my hard drive?! I didn't realize the two were even related!!! They asked if they could send it in to Apple! They DIDN'T SAY...send it in to Apple and wipe everything out!!! Holy COW!!! ALL MY STUFF!!! ALL MY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, back to MacDocs tomorrow to do a bit of panic and screaming! SCREAMING I TELL YOU!!!


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