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My gosh it's full of stars!

So the planetarium at the Gateway every month does a stargazing party and I decided I would stroll on up and see what I could see. At the north end of the plaza out in the parking lot they had several 8 to 12 inch telescopes set up and pointed at local heavenly bodies. (No, the Victoria's Secret store was out of sight.)

It was really cool! Really, REALLY cool! I mean, I sound like the biggest, "well, yeah DUH" geek ever, but I realized that while I had seen several pictures of Jupiter and Saturn...I had never actually SEEN them for myself beyond bright spots in the sky.

And get this...


I know! It's so neat! It was unbelievable to look through and see this huge ring glowing around the planet! I mean WOW! A RING!

And hey,

JUPITER has stripes! And they're sort of reddish and cream! WOW!

I know, I know...these are things I already KNEW...but to see them for myself! WOW!
They had a 12 inch telescope focused on the moon and I couldn't believe the detail I could see. I wanted to reach out with my finger and make a big mark on the surface. It was so crisp!

My problems seemed very small, the universe seemed very large and God seemed very good.

Rings man, RINGS!!!!!

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