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Yes, yes, I do live. My laptop is still in the shop. (updating from los padres.)
I'm going to be calling them tomorrow and see what sort of progress I should be expecting. It has been interesting living without a computer. (I don't care for it.)

In no particular order:

1. My apartment is much QUIETER. My laptop played my CDs and provided my radio access.

2. Much reading got done. Reading as in...BOOKS.

3. Much DRAWING got done. It sometimes was very difficult to sit down and draw only to be pinged by someone. Hmmm...maybe I should shut OFF Yahoo once in a while.

4. Much lonliness was felt. Talk about feeling cut off from the world! Saaaaad! Still, when I have been able to check my email there has been more than one, "Hey, are you ALIVE?" type of message waiting for me. Awwww, shucks. Nice to know I am missed.
Can't wait to post up new drawings.

Things I have done in the last bit also in no particular order:

1. Got an animation gig for an advertising agency's client. This is Very Cool. What is NOT very cool is that yesterday they decided to run with one of my boards...except they wanted it done by FRIDAY. (This Friday.) So, after much midnight oil was burned, I got told this morning that they are pushing the spot back until the 12th. Grrr.

Still though, they want to do more than one spot. Hopefully this will be a semi regular gig. They wanted to pay me with a machine swap...a bunch of commercials for a new loaded Powerbook...which would be Very Nice...except...Jett needs cold hard cash.

2. Got Hiro all licenced up. Even went for more than one ride. In traffic. And construction. And fast. (but not illegally so.) Just in time for spring...and my insurance to run out. No more rides for a bit. Too bad. I felt incredibly cool tooling around on that bike. Le sigh.

3. Went to a funeral. The mother of one of my childhood buddies died of breast cancer. She had about a year to get her affairs in order. It was a good death and one of the best funerals I have been to. She got to pick all her speakers and theme and songs. To quote, "I want it short and I want the gospel PREACHED."
It was trip seeing all of her kids...some of whom I haven't seen for nearly 10 years.

4. Been going and doing my animation tutorials at SmartBomb Interactive. I went in yesterday and wound up helping the guy more with his animation than I did learning the program. It made me laugh. He had been struggling with a run cycle all day...and I went in and helped him fix it within an hour.
The art director came by and said hello and wondered if he was helping me. The guy I was helping chimed in and said, "She's healping me a LOT more than I'm helping her!" This is true...but I'm going back tonight and hopefully I can get some quality learning done.

I'm tempted to talk to the art director and say, "Lookit, I know you're going to be hiring in a month...but hire me NOW and I can help speed up your animation process for the E3 expo and I can learn the program at night." Who knows. He might go for it. I mean, look at the numbers...they pay this one guy to do a run...(and he knows the program,) and he struggles with it for a day...vs me coming in as a consultant...and we've got a workable run in an hour! Right?

5. Picked up a new making! Some of the Tuesday night life drawing regulars had a little workshop where one of the guys showed us how to make our own sketchbooks. It's Very Cool and I am now hooked. I have made two and am at work on the third right now. They are fun to show off and I expect will make great gifts. If nothing else, they're an interesting conversation piece. This summer I want to learn how to make paper.

6. Saw Home on the Range. It's pretty good. The story isn't as tight as a Pixar film, (not a shock when you know how much executive meddling there was,) but the character designs and animation are just beautiful. It's a cartoon that looks like a freakin' CARTOON! Just really really fun. I'm looking forward to taking the niece and nephews to it.

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