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Update from the black hole

Greetings from my parents basement. I am using my dads laptop to check my email and update my LJ. In no particular order here are some of my doings:

My laptop:

For reasons unfathomable, (and for which I am grateful,) Apple has decided that for this particular problem, my laptop is indeed under warranty. Hooray!
However, it's going to be 3 to 4 weeks before I get it back! (They think it may have a problem with the logic board. (AAAIIIEEE!!!))

Attempts to get my career back on track:

1. Had a meeting yesterday with a small advertising company to do a 15 second bit of animation for one of their clients. Looks like it's a go. I did tell them that my computer is out of commission for the next little while so they volunteered the use of one of their spare macs. So, I get to hang out with a bunch of creatives and animate on a G5. Gurgle gurgle gurgle...

2. In my life drawing group last night one of the regulars brought everybody from the game company for whom he works. I had a nice long chat with the art director who was impressed with my credentials.
Quote: "Are you looking for a job this summer? We're going to be hiring around the end of April." PING!
On Thursday nights I get to go to the studio and do a brain swap...animation fundies for Maya tutorials. DEAL. I b'lieve I am seeing the light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel.

Life drawing in general
Not the best night in the world last night. I had better stuff last week.

One of my life drawing instructors from school I recently found out has a serious form of cancer. His last day at Sheridan was 12 March. It doesn't look too good from what I understand. :(

FINALLY got Hiro all licensed and registered. Now what to do is the big question.

Wulfie is shedding his winter coat and is getting very matted. I will comb him out at the start of the day...and when I return in the evenings he is all matted again. Thinking about going out and buying some clippers this afternoon.

Bought new tubes for my poor bike tires. Yay for biking to work again!

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