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So I was watching The 10 Commandments today...

...and I was struck, as always by the short term memory everyone seemed to have. Pharoah would forget his terror from one plague to the next and even after he finally got cowed enough to Let Them Go, it didn't take much to stir him up and get him to forget just why he let them go in the first place.

The Israelites were like a horrible broken record. "Yay for Moses! Boo for Moses! Yay for Moses! Boo for Moses! Yay for God, Wait, let's go back to Egypt! Yay for God! No! Let's build a golden calf...I mean, Yay for God...Whaddya mean FORTY YEARS?!? " I mean, talk about insanity. How could they so quickly forget after seeing such miracles and wonders. Would I be so quick to forget?

The whole Book of Mormon seems to be that lesson. God is merciful. The righteous are blessed. The righteous get arrogant and prideful. God humbles them. Mankind repents. Mankind is blessed. Mankind gets arrogant and prideful... Repeat 10 times. Kill everyone but one guy.

So of course, I start applying the lessons to today.

Nations seem to have short term memories. (Yes, I'm also including the United States.) They cannot seem to see the future based on lessons of the past. They forget those who have helped and comforted them and at times liberated them.

Churches were overflowing after the events of September 11th. I personally was astounded at how often I read or heard the phrase, "God Bless America" all over the national news. I couldn't believe all the supplications to heaven I was hearing. Now, it's almost like that day never happened. Working today on Easter I couldn't help but be astonished at the amount of people who came to the theater directly after church. Never mind that whole "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" commandment. (Yes, I know, I was there too, working.)

People seem have short term memories. People forget how they relied on the Lord in their own times of woe and sorrow...and quit calling on the Lord for comfort and guidance.

I have been very guilty of this thing as of late.

I have had too many golden calfs.

This needs to change.

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