Jett (jatg) wrote,

National Missives...

The telegrams to and from Xigorath are getting funnier and funnier. I noticed deepdvd's country jailed people for indecent exposure, in The Protectorate of Sternes which caused me to rib him a little.

The response still cracks me up:

Greetings to you, High Commander Selgar of Xigorath

I thank you for your continued communication.

In response to your inquiry, I would recommend re-reading
our nation's current description. However, to help, I will focus on a specific quote.

"naturists are jailed regularly for _indecent exposure_" (underline added)

Are you implying that posing nude is considered indecent in your most respectable nation? We wouldn't dream of jailing those assisting in creating fine artwork. However, we also understand that modesty is important to keep our nation moralistic, and that public nudity, among other things, is not modest.

We do thank you for your opinion. If you are running low on people willing to pose nude, we would be happy to assist you, and they might be happy to not be in jail.

Protectorate of Sternes

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