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Go PIXAR!!!!

Sure, the one day I don't check the news...everything hits the fan in the animation world. Still, it is a cause of much rejoicing and even more speculation.
Pixar gave Disney the bird and cut off all negotiations saying they would be seeking a new distributer.

That's right folks, Eisner lost Pixar.
(the best source for all the links and speculation: Save Disney!!!)

There's a lot behind this...much of which dates back to Eisner's callousness towards Toy Story II insisting it didn't count. It was a SEQUEL...that Disney essentially got a freebie...and oh, when can we expect Toy Story III?

Unfortunately now that talks have ceased and the dust is starting to settle, some of the repercussions lay glaring. Disney gets to keep the rights to the previous movies as well as the next (and last) two pictures... so prepare yourself for an all out rape of all the Pixar movies we know and love.

Looks like we ARE going to get a Toy Story 3...but not from Pixar. Ye gods, one quakes thinking what could be coming down the pipeline. Monsters Inc. 2, Sully and Boo, together again!.... Finding Nemo 4: Lost again!

Think Cinderella 2 was classy? Then I'm sure you'll love "A Bugs Life 2...the one where Flick and Princess Atta get married and have Their Greatest Adventure EVER"...until Bugs Life 3.

I am digressing though. This couldn't have come at a worse time for Michael (I just laid off an entire studio and lost our most lucrative partner and gave myself a 6 million dollar bonus (no lie,)) Eisner.

The shareholder meeting is on the 3rd of March. Vote of "No Confidence" anyone?

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