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Just got done with a MST3K party. We watched one of the ones fallenpegasus pulled off his Replay for me.
Let me highly recommend "It Lives at Night." squeeeeeeeek...? I need to throw more MST3K parties. " left me guano!"

The last month or so I haven't bothered to see any new movies coming out. Things just really haven't interested me. I'd only bothered to see two movies playing at our theater. However I was rather keen on seeing Holes when it first came out so I made a point to go to the employee screening last night. Loved it. What a great flick. I was surprised and relieved at how good it turned out to be! Two thumbs way way up! Sigourney Weaver is terrific as The Warden and her reaction at the end... well, you kind of have to see it. You just feel so BAD for her even though she's been so awful throughout the movie.

Also, yesterday shattered my drummer boy record. As soon as I walked into the theater one of the employees gave me a drummer boy he had been saving. One. I had to roll $500.00 worth of quarters. Nine. Later in the evening another employee gave me one he had just gotten in his till. Ten. Cashing out one of the other employees I had to roll up his quarter rum pum pum pum...went home last night with TWELVE drummer boys. Don't think I'll be breaking that record any time soon which is fine. It wouldn't be as much fun to collect them if they came so frequently. I need to get the bank I got for my 16th birthday out of my storage shed. That's been my traditional place to put my drummer boys and I'd like to combine my hoard.

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