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Going through another rework of El Perro. Just a few scenes to tweak which will make it a lot more dynamic. I'm getting rather frightened though. I don't have a whole lot of time left to get everything in my portfolio that I would like, plus the assembly time. I have to keep telling myself with a job like this, it's quality over quantity.

*pounds head...*

I wish* (more than anything,) that I could take a week off just to finish the darn thing!

Just breathe, I sez to's do-able. Just breathe. And take a lot of speed. (haha, no I'm just kidding.) (I wouldn't know where to get any, even if I wanted to.) (no, this is not some subtle plea for a drug dealer to find me.)

Man, the things I could accomplish if I didn't need to eat or sleep!

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