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Note to self:
Putting insulation in attics...not a career choice.

On the other hand, yet more father/son bonding with my dad. Or daughter. Whatever. Plus, how to change the oil in Friday which turns out to be not that different from my old Suzuki sidekick. Go fig. They probably got made in the same factory anyway.

Went into Farmington to bond with the folks, help my dad and change my oil. Oh yeah, and to do laundry. amazonchyck accuses me of being "such a college student," but my counter is that I never came home just to do laundry when I was at school.

True, school was 1887.9 miles away (29 hours if you drive real fast and don't need to sleep) but the point is still the same.

I know, I know...mooching off the folks...but I can't afford any more clothes to waltz away. Again with the "Boo Hiss!" of laundry thieves! Curse you, League of Hairy Armpits!

Had a good day...been reworking all my El Perro boards from TV format to feature, (difference. dimension.) It's's not just blowing up the composition and stretching it...I've come up with a lot more dynamic and interesting shots in order to make this work. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this work!)

(here's a pan shot that got rendered out more so than the other ones.)

I am trying not to get my hopes too high because as I say with a degree of self deprecation, I never get what I want. Truly. Unlike others I could mention who always seem to. You know who you are.

Still, if I am patient (yeah yeah yeah, how long will THAT take?!) good things happen and generally better than I had planned. Like Tevye though, would it hurt some vast eternal plan, if I on occasion got exactly what I wanted? Okay, but I AM going to San Fran in 2 weeks and I'm excited.

I get to see Sylvie and BJ is flying out and we're going to drag Ryan Gong away from his new bride and we're going to have a swell old time. I should tell Budge to bring his game of Pit and we'll have a potluck. Good times.

Speaking of good times...and old friends, when I got home I read my LJ and saw that xenologue had posted.

You're welcome.

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