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All I need is a sketchpad and a star to draw by...

Rather an uneventful day.

Did an awful lot of drawing and planning with the Interim cartoon. It's been really nice working on a personal project. Character designs, descriptions, early's been a lot of fun. I've come to the conclusion that drawing a character loosely based on ones' self is fine, but naming them after you is a potential nightmare. (Cathy! cough cough) I've planned out a few other characters in the strip also loosely based on some people I know. Hopefully they will still speak to me once these start getting posted up.

Oh yeah. I had to Fed Ex grof's keys back to Seattle today. Kind of important things to have. He owes me 20 bucks. ;)

I also did some serious screaming at Apple Customer service but they wouldn't budge on fixing my laptop. Guess I'm going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and get an airport base and card. I'm sure I'll love it and wonder what took me so long but in the interim (ha ha) I'm going to be incredibly cheezed off I can't get online with my laptop. Still, going wireless, I have to confess there are some features I'm going to be looking forward to. Wireless printing appeals greatly. Now...what about my speakers?

Went out to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama with the folks and then hustled home for the last half hour of Buffy. Man, I'm going to miss that show. I really and truly am, and I'm rather concered Angel hasn't been offically picked up yet at the WB for another season. Watched Smallville (it's growing on me. It's getting away from it's Dawson's Creekiness.) and then had my bonding show with my mom. Judging Amy was really good tonight. I had wondered how they were going to write Jared Duff out of the show since the actor Richard Crenna died a few months ago. We wondered if they (the writers) really would have married Jared and Maxine if he hadn't died. That's the cynic in me though. It really was a tearjerker episode. Give another Emmy to Tyne Daly.

Off to bed. Beowulf is slow blinking at me.

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